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Tendon is a popular climbing company in Europe, specifically Spain, and the Master TeFix Dry Rope is their top-class, dynamic, single climbing rope. From the sport climbing in El Chorro to the rarer trad climbs in Basque Country, you can find Tendon's Master Ropes scattered around nearly every base, and catching a lot of flailing climbers. This specific Master Rope boasts Tendon's toughest technologies, including a dry treated sheath and core as well as the new TeFix technology. TeFix bonds the core to the sheath for enhanced handling and overall durability; it also completely eliminates the possibility of sheath slippage for longevity. At 9.7mm, this Master's diameter is ideal for experienced climbers, but is also suitable for beginners who want to start using skinnier ropes.
  • Climbing rope equipped with Tendon's toughest technologies
  • Dry treated sheath and core eliminate water absorption
  • TeFix bonds core to sheath to increase handling performance
  • 9.7mm diameter suitable for intermediate climbers, or beginners stepping up their game