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Petzl changed the game when they introduced the Nomic Ice Tool, and now they're bringing it to the next level by making the Nomic versatile enough to handle any terrain. This tool's staggered grip and aggressively curved shaft take on ultra-steep mixed terrain and clear large cauliflowers with ease. But you already knew that. Unlike most staggered-grip tools, the Nomic now includes the ability to add a hammer for traditional mixed climbs and alpine terrain. The handle now includes a small hole where you can attach a loop of cord and create a place to attach tethers. Petzl also added a subtle spiked ridge along the bottom of the pommel, so you get some grip in piolet position but won't poke a hole in your head if you pop a tool while climbing something steep. Even with the new additions, these tools are nearly 80-grams lighter than the previous version. Some things may change, but light is still right.